L’Oreal White Perfect Pearl Duo Powder Foundation

Good Monday morning to you! Say hi to Nikki, who shall be talking about the latest L'Oreal foundation to hit the Philippines!

I’m a BB cream fan and I have been using BB creams for a while now, mainly because they are the most economic choice for me. Not only do they cover blemishes and make your skin dewy and delightful but they also offer additional perks like sunscreen and whitening (I’m not really big on whitening but hey, why not).

However, as my life is pretty hectic and demanding (and I have yet to master the art of time management), I’ve been searching for a better form of foundation because BB creams, like liquid foundation, can be a little time consuming and tedious to use. Musing on that thought, I realized that powder foundation is the easiest foundation to apply. I swear, we women go through so much to get perfect skin, but as Liz puts it, “You can call it vanity but I call it survival”. 

As my beauty guru and close friend, I told Liz about my predicament and she told me to try L’Oreal’s White Perfect Pearl Duo Powder Foundation (P995 / P795 refill only). I was really excited to use it because the packaging was really cute and it came with a highlighter too!

According to L’oreal, the White Perfect line is for girls who want whitening benefits in their makeup as well. It has Melanin Block and Tourmaline Gemstone which hides spots, evens out skin and gives the skin a rosy glow. It also has SPF19/PA+++ to protect wearers from UV rays and comes in 5 different shades.

What I love about the product 

  • The packaging is definitely nice as it is compact and has a big enough mirror to do your makeup – perfect for checking your face and for midday touch-ups too.
  • It comes with finely milled highlighter which you can use to give your face that subtle, dewy finish without looking like a shiny disco ball.

  • The powder and highlighter are super smooth and very easy to apply. Sometimes, I apply it while commuting – definitely no fuss.
  • I oil up a little longer than usual. Normally, it takes 3 hours for me to start getting oily but wearing this, I get an extra hour or so of matte goodness before I start blotting. Not advisable for dry skinned women though.
  • The feel is very lightweight, as if I’m not wearing any foundation at all.
  • I love the fact that it has sunscreen.

Without foundation - dull skin, redness

With foundation - brighter, more even skin

What I don't like about the product 

  • Depending on the humidity, it tends to cake after a while.
  • Coverage isn’t too great and you have to layer a lot of times to get decent coverage. It also takes a while before it melts into your skin and fills your pores.



If you already have nice skin and are looking for a powder foundation that can enhance and deliver radiant fair glow, then this product is definitely for you. IMHO, the pros outweigh the cons and if you have oily-combination skin but into dewy finishes, then this is just perfect.



I want to try and explore other powder foundations but as a finishing powder, I’m keeping my eye on this!