Palgantong Theatrical Powder: Your shortcut to smooth makeup

The Palgantong Theatrical Powder (P600/10 g from Beauty and Minerals) is a loose powder that's made of ultra-fine particles which deliver a smooth, photogenic finish. I've read that it has a quiet fan base among makeup artists and those who know makeup! True enough, Sophie and Brigitte (makeup artists and beauty blogger friends) are huge fans of this powder.

After using it for a few weeks, I can see why! 

What I love about the product

  • This is the clincher: this loose powder delivers a super smooth, flawless finish. Doesn't matter what foundation you're wearing - it looks smooth even close up.
  • Looks great in photos! I imagine that this is perfect to wear to events when you have heavy coverage foundation on. It helps your foundation look more natural.

  • Helps with oil control. I have combination skin and this helps me keep the oil at bay for at least three-four hours. Oily-skinned girls might find it doesn't help with oil, however. You will need to retouch.
  • Comes in new packaging that has a puff and a mirror. As with all loose powder products, expect a mess, but this Palgantong jar is at least relatively convenient to tote around.
  • No breakouts.
  • The shade I have, Original Beige, is fairly translucent so you don't really need an exact shade match.
  • Fairly affordable at only P600 for 10 grams.

Wearing Palgantong here

What I don't like about the product

  • Can look obviously chalky if you apply too much. If you find that you have over-applied, just spritz your face with a water mist like the Evian Facial Spray.
  • Sifter holes are rather big so too much powder may be dispensed. Just remove half of the sticker to prevent this. :)



Try the re-packaged Palgantong Theatrical Powder if you're looking for an invisible finishing powder that delivers a smooth, matte finish. It doesn't have any obvious shimmer and the powder (at least Original Beige) seems to blend on fair to medium skin.

Use a big, fluffy powder brush to apply this all over your face, focusing on the t-zone of course!


Love it. :) Will probably purchase when I run out!