Max Factor Ageless Elixir Foundation + Serum

Adding skincare elements into makeup is not a new concept, but you'll be hard-pressed to find such products at affordable price points. Maybe the ingredients that go into it are pricey or maybe by virtue of the added skincare, the makeup is already branded as a premium product. But that's not the case with Max Factor's newest foundation: the Max Factor Ageless Elixir Foundation + Serum (P895).

The foundation feels like a thick, heavily tinted serum. It's very moisturizing and has a velvety, mousse-like texture that's easy to spread and work with. Another distinctive feature is the floral scent - some people might be turned off by it, but since this is specifically marketed towards more mature women, the scent seems to be a preference for them.

The coverage is pretty good - medium to heavy - and goes on very smoothly without emphasizing fine lines and creases. Because of the rather mousse-y texture, it fills in lines and pores a little better compared to other liquid-based or cream foundations.

This amount is more than enough to get full coverage as the foundation is very dense and pigmented

If you find yourself with really dry skin or know someone in the 35+ range, this serum is something worth looking into. Just remember to pick a shade or two lighter than your skintone since this has a tendency to darken after a few minutes. Overall, not a bad foundation for dry, wrinkled skin! 

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