Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipliner

You've already read my review of the wonderful Lip Perfection Lipsticks, so now get a load of the Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipliner (P325)!

I don't normally wear lip liner because I'm lazy (hehe), but you have to admit that it's useful when you're wearing a really loud, hard-to-control color or when you want to slightly make your lips fuller. There's a ton of lip liner shades out there but the perfect color for you should be something very close to your lips. Think of it as if it were foundation - it evens out the color of skin and creates the perfect base for your makeup. 

I like the Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipliner because it has a creamy texture, but not so creamy that it slips right off  your lips. It sticks on the lips pretty well too and lengthens the wear of lipstick.

If your lips have an uneven shade - darker rim or upper lip - then a lip liner is the perfect solution to sortof "conceal" the darker areas.

The color I got, Smoky, is a great shade match for my lips. It's a light brown pink that suits my complexion. It applies completely matte as you can see in the photo:

If you put lip balm, it emulsifies and it feels closer to a very thin lipstick. The shade changes, too, turning into a nutty peach shade instead of the nude brown you see up there.

Overall, the Cover Girl Lip Perfection Lipliner is a great liner for the price. What I like most about it is the shade, I've been wanting to have this lipliner shade for a while now! It will go perfectly with most lipsticks. ;)

So, have you tried this? Does this look interesting?