Kanebo Kate Mineral Powder Foundation

One of my most fervent dreams is having an affordable mineral foundation that's actually in pressed powder form. Imagine all the benefits of mineral makeup - all in a travel-friendly compact! No more messy loose powder that sticks everywhere and needs a special brush to use. So when I got my hands on the Kanebo Kate Mineral Powder Foundation (P900) I was hoping for a winner.

The newest foundation from Kate delivers well in terms of finish, texture, and reasonable price point. I love how it looks like on me and the convenience of being able to use the compact anywhere, but then there is one major caveat: my skin (stubborn as it is) does not like it. 

What I love about the product

  • Smooth, flawless finish. The coverage is light to medium and doesn't get cakey when you build it up.
  • The texture of the powder is finely milled and soft. Feels like powders from luxury brands!
  • I love how my skin looks like my skin - this foundie has that dewy finish that I prefer in face products.
  • OC-D is my perfect shade match! I am medium with yellow undertones (NC35 for reference)
  • I enjoy using the nice sponge that comes with the foundation. The minimalist compact is also quite classy, but you have to buy this separately.
  • Has SPF15 PA+! Sun protection is always welcome in foundation.
  • Affordable at P900 (for the refill)

What I don't like about the product

  • I oil up within a couple of hours using this. This is not the foundation to go to if you have oily skin.
  • I break out every time I use this. I wore this foundation again yesterday morning after avoiding it for two weeks (used it in this video tutorial). In the evening I have a couple of pimples. Must be one of the ingredients.


  • Lasting power is just ok. You will need to retouch after five hours, but then again five hours of wear for mineral makeup is already pretty good.



The Kanebo Kate Mineral Powder Foundation is pretty good, but if you're acne-prone and if you have oily skin, use it with caution. Try it in the store first and wear it for a day before deciding to buy.

If you have fairly good skin that's not too sensitive, then I highly recommend this foundation. Its finish and texture are quite remarkable - it's not something you will usually find in a drugstore brand.


I really want to love this and use this everyday, but as it is, I can't. I have suffered two major breakouts trying to make this work for me, in the hopes of getting my skin to adjust to it eventually. I will probably try this again in a few weeks and *hope* that something will change.

Kate cosmetics is available in Beauty by SM.