Benefit Brow Zings

Since Benefit is opening today, I thought I'd direct the spotlight to one of my favorite products from the brand: the Benefit Brow Zings (P1,600). I was quite loyal to my old routine (pencil + powder) but after coming across Brow Zings, well, it was love at first try!

Before, I usually did my eyebrows a shade lighter, a bit blonder. But as some readers said in my light vs dark brows post, darker eyebrows frame my round face better and somehow matches my personality. That's why I've lately taken to wearing darker brows with the help of Brow Zings. 

What I love about the product 

  • The colors look dark in the pan but they never give me scary, harsh-looking eyebrows. I'd say the effect looks quite natural. The wax + powder is pigmented but just enough to shape and shade, not draw on the eyebrows.
  • The wax keeps my eyebrow hair in place. It thickens the hair and shades the skin underneath so it looks like I have lush-looking eyebrows. The powder sets the wax wonderfully and helps fill in the gaps. They work wonderfully together!

  • Awesome staying power. I've used the kit on marathon sweaty work days and I didn't have problems with fading.
  • Medium, the shade I have, matches my hair perfectly! It doesn't look fake.
  • Convenient to tote around. It has applicators and even tweezers included in the kit (not in photos) so you can groom and shade your brows anytime. The mirror is big so you get a good view of your work.
  • Beautiful packaging. It's comes in a matte case that looks sophisticated.
  • It's not cheap at P1,600 but you get 2.65 grams of powder and 1.7 grams of wax. It'll be a while before you run out. It's a classic case of a little goes a long way.

Use the wax first then fill in with powder

What Brow Zings look like with full coverage: defined and sharp

Blended in with a spoolie, you get a softer effect but there's still structure

What I don't like about the product 

  • It takes a bit more work to perfect my eyebrows with this, especially when they're not behaving! It's not a touch and go kind of product. Or maybe I'm just really OC about my kilay.



If you have sparse, thin brows, the Benefit Brow Zings can help you get over it. The wax thickens the hair and the powder shades whatever isn't covered so you get eyebrows that look lush and young ala Demi Moore.

I highly recommend this to just about anyone who need an kit to tame, shade, and groom eyebrows on the go!


Love it. Look at the pictures above again and it's obvious why. :) Dark eyebrows rulez!

What do you think? Must? Miss?