Colour Collection Mineral Lipstick

Whenever I wear my Colour Collection Color Intense Lipsticks, I always get compliments and questions about where to get them. That explains why I looked forward to the new Colour Collection Mineral Lipstick line (P350), touted to be a long-lasting lip product with the benefits of mineral makeup. 

I love that this lipstick line is intensely pigmented and has no parabens or preservatives. Not bad for a P350 lipstick. Not bad at all.

What I like about the product

  • It stays on for five hours with only a little fading. It'll leave a stain after you eat or drink.
  • Colors are opaque in one swipe. 
  • Comes in five catchy colors, two of which is a hit, in my book!
  • Has a nice vanilla scent that dissipates within minutes.
  • Better packaging than its Color Intense sister.
  • Affordable at P350.

Plumberry is a gorgeous shade of bubblegum pink

Satin Shell is an MLBB brown-pink shade that'll look good on any skin tone. Great for office wear.

Creamy Coral is an intense coral-orange shade - it's trendy and fun!

Brick Rose is a bright red that's perfect for vintage-y looks

Smooth Wine is a dark, red that's so in-season right now! I'm imagining this with chocolate-hued eyeshadow!

What I don't like about the product

  • Rather dry and waxy. I suggest using a lip balm underneath.
  • Not available in malls or online; hard to find unless you know a Tupperware dealer.


The Colour Collection Mineral Lipstick line is pretty basic, with not a lot of bells and frills. Its strengths lie in the intensity of the well-picked shades available and the lasting power; texture-wise though, it could be better. I would prefer something more moisturizing and emollient.

Nonetheless, if you like a shade (hint: Plumberry and Satin Shell) then you should definitely go for it! 


I mentioned before that the Color Intense packaging could be improved, and what do you know, they did work on it with this new line! This time, I wish they'd improve the formula of the lipstick. Otherwise it's all good. I use Plumberry regularly, it's such a gorgeous pink.

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