Effective makeup remover on a budget: Pond's Cold Cream

Was browsing through my photo gallery (thousands of product photos FTW!) when I came upon photos of the Pond's Cold Cream. You know I've never used this until last year? It's surprisingly good and lives up to expectations, considering this is only what, P150 a jar?

The trick to using this is simple: massage it on your face like there's no tomorrow, then wipe gently with tissue. Most of your makeup will come off while leaving your skin moisturized. Then, rinse with your fave facial wash! Even though it's a heavy cream, I never broke out with this.

There are better makeup removers out there, but if you're a student on a budget or just on a budget, this is the best you'll get at that price point. :D 

So, tried this before? Wanna try this? Let me know what you think!