Great skin in a bottle: NARS Sheer Glow Foundation

People have been complimenting me on my "great" skin these past couple of weeks. I always tell them "It's NARS!" I've been breaking out heavily up until last week so my skin really looked like crap underneath; only a miracle could have made me look presentable. That miracle is the NARS Sheer Glow Foundation.

Let me cut to the chase and say that the NARS Sheer Glow is the best foundation I've tried to date. Trust me when I say that I've tried quite a lot in the past! Now before I go on and on just raving about it, let me debunk a couple of things about this product.

First of all, it's not sheer. I'd say that the coverage is medium to heavy (two layers). Second, it's not glowy at all - at least, not in the sense the word is usually taken in cosmetics. It's not shimmery nor luminescent. In fact I'd say the finish is more matte-satin. Lastly, while this foundation is especially formulated for dry to normal skin, it works perfectly for my oily-combination skin.

What I love about this product

  • My skin looks amazing with it on. It covers the lighter blemishes and uneven patches on my face while smoothing the overall appearance. The effect is "hyper real" - it's my skin, but loads better! The foundation just melts seamlessly.
  • The feel is lightweight, like I don't have makeup on.
  • No breakouts.
  • A little goes a long way. There is only 30ml of product in the bottle, but that's more than enough for half a year's use. I only need one drop for the whole face. 

Melts beautifully on skin

Barcelona on my NC35 face

Fiji on my face. It's two shades lighter, best for NC25-30 skin

  • The watery texture makes it easy to work with (at least for me). Others have complained that it's hard to apply, but the answer is simply the dense Charm Luxe Flat Top Brush. I just dab the foundie all over my face and then spread it out with the brush. This only takes what, 30 seconds tops. Hands are okay to use, but not as efficient with a brush. The usual synthetic kabuki brush is good to use too. Don't even dream of using a sponge; it will just absorb the watery product.

  • My skin is oily but this stays on the whole day even though it's liquid foundation. My T-zone gets oily though after 3-4 hours, so I set this with a loose translucent mineral powder. Using something heavier and pigmented will just mess up the amazing finish of this foundation.
  • Completely fragrance-free.

What I don't like about this product

  • THE PRICE! It's P2,450 for a bottle in Rustan's. I get what I paid for though, every single cent. In case you're wondering, this isn't a sponsored product. I bought this myself.
  • For something so expensive, NARS could have been a little more thoughtful to put in a pump. As it is, you have to buy a pump separately for a freakin' P400. I mean seriously, wth. I would have to buy the pump eventually, but for now I just put my index finger on the lip of the bottle and just apply whatever sticks.
  • The cap of the bottle is made of matte rubber, a NARS trademark. It's classy and all, but it's not practical since it's a dirt and smudge magnet. It's difficult to clean completely too.

Barcelona is a bit dark for my NC35 skin, but it's the same color as my neck so it still matches



I highly recommend this foundation to anyone who is looking for the best (at least for me). The P2,450 price tag is no joke, but since this will last a long time and the effect is just gorgeous, the hole in your pocket should be worth it.

Now, there are other cheaper, great foundations out there so you don't really need this unless you don't mind the price.


I am absolutely in love with the NARS Sheer Glow. Unless I find something better, I will definitely buy this again!