In2It Oil Control and Oil Free Foundation Review

Hi liz.been a fan of your blog. I’d like to request if you can help me finding an affordable foundation and for oily sensitive skin. I am torn among 4- the Maybelline w/c retails for 200++ at Watsons, Myra 300, Garnier & Fanny Serrano’s? I love the Fanny Serrano concealer but i am nt sure bout the foundation. Please help…thank you



Hi Jen! Thanks for the message. First off, the Maybelline foundation that you mentioned isn’t really foundation - it’s just face powder. I actually own one but never got around to using it because I couldn’t find a good shade, I didn’t like the unnatural, powdery coverage, plus I got pimples. As for the Myra 300 and Garnier, I don’t think they’re foundations either. Please correct me, girls, but I don’t think these brands sell foundation makeup since they focus more on skincare and skin protection. Lastly, I haven’t bought any Fanny Serrano makeup so I can’t tell you if they’re any good.


Anyhow, you’re in luck, I was just about to review one of my favorite traditional powder foundations from In2It. I’ve had this for some time actually but never got around to writing about it here! I got it because practically everyone was raving about it in the Girltalk forums and to be honest, I never regretted it.

The In2It Oil Control and Oil Free foundation is true to its promise in providing superb oil control. I noticed that I don’t oil up as much as I used to when I apply this. Plus, the makeup really stays on until the end of the day. It also doesn’t hurt that it has SPF 25 to protect my face from sun damage.


I found an almost exact shade match with Harvest too! There are (I think) six shades that are specially formulated for Asian skin since In2It is a Japanese brand. There are shades for those with yellow and neutral undertones, although I observed that they’re mostly for light to medium-skinned people. That’s a con for morenas, tsk. In terms of coverage, I’d say this can give you only light to medium so don’t expect it to cover dark blemishes and eyebags. The finish is actually pretty nice - matte and natural, like you’re not wearing pan foundation at all.

This is only a refill at P440 including a really nice sponge applicator. The sponge applicator actually sells for P125 separately, but I think it’s worth it since it’s soft and blends the foundation well.The actually foundation with compact and sponge sells for P600+ , but I didn’t get that since I only wanted to try this and see if it works for me. Also, I like how small and light the refill compact is - perfect for quick touchups or comfortably applying makeup outside the house.

Now, for cons: the reason why I don’t use it regularly is because my skin gets bad after continuous use. It’s because I got spoiled with mineral makeup so a product with all these extra chemicals really affects my skin after just a few days. Take note, I don’t really break out, but my skin just feels rough and loses its glow. I don’t see it as the product’s fault (happens to me when I use any other traditional foundation) so I would still advise you to get this if you think your skin can handle it. As for me, I only use this when I’m hurrying or during special occasions when I need extra coverage.

All in all, I find that this is a good product to have around for days when I need to hurry for work, or need extra coverage and lasting power under my mineral makeup. I’m not sure if I would need to buy it again (there’s a lot of product in the pan) but I’m still open to try other traditional powder foundations.


Also check the Swiper’s review of this foundation. Hope this helps Jen!